Once, there was a man, Goobe (just a fictional name), who had lot of donkeys.
Goobe used the donkeys to carry load to different markets where it could be sold.
One day Goobe loaded bags of salt onto a donkey. On the way while crossing the
bridge, the donkey fell into the river and when it came out there was hardly any
salt left in the bags.
Upon reaching home, Goobe overheard the conversation of the donkeys. The
donkey which fell into the river told the other donkeys that if they fall into water,
the load gets lighter.
Next day, Goobe selected a donkey, loaded it up and began his journey. On the
way the donkey didn’t move forward until Goobe let it fall into water. When it got
out, something was weird. The load had become heavier instead of getting lighter.
Any idea why?
Because Goobe had loaded sponge on this day.
This is how Goobe taught a lesson to his lazy donkeys.

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