Career Counselling

Career Counselling

Career counselling is something that has been happening the traditional way for far too long. In this traditional method adopted by career counselors, they essentially act as information providers to the student. It is all about more and more information about different courses or careers to those people who are seeking career help. However, with the advent of internet, information per-se is not the key. In fact, the key to correct Career Counselling is now more about helping the student understand his/her strength or talent profile and then guiding them on the path that is most suited to the student. This is so because it has been proven that if one operates in those areas or fields where one is able to put his/her strengths to use, then the individual gets a deep sense of happiness and fulfillment, thus ensuring an extraordinary performance in that area and gets rewarded extraordinarily. So the first step is to find ones’ INHERENT STRENGTHS or TALENTS. The question is how to find these? Please give us a call/send a mail.

Be Career Confident Training

Interactive, Dynamic & Experiential
Course helps you Explore opportunities to:
Assess your current career golas and plans
Reflect on your career development influences
Identify your key employability skills
Learn how to expolore relevant career options
Make informed decissions about your career and job search strategies
More effectively approach your career development
Career Smart: How to find the Job of your choice (4Cs to get a Job)

Meritas_Services_Career Confident Program
Meritas_Services_Career Confident Program

1. Design your Career Vision/ Competence
a. Discover yourself
b. Your strengths, Values & Interests
c. Career choices & Role alignment

2. Discover the Opportunities/ Conviction
a. Market Research
b. Tools & Techniques
c. Online Resources

3. Develop ASK – Attitude, Skills & Knowledge/ Confidence
a. Know the Roll, Skill match & Gaps
b. Competence and aptitude
c. Communication
d. Networking & Nurturing Relationships

4. Demonstrate your Fit / Communication
a. CV, Social Media & F2F Contact
b. Aptitude Tests
c. Interviews & GDs
d. Build your Brand

Course Facilitators: Bumblebee – Infinite posibilities
Veterans in the space of IT Product Development, Quality Engineering and Learning & Development.
Have held management roles in well known MNCs including Fortune 500 Companies

We will be conducting this programs in the 2nd Saturday of Every month, you can enroll for your friends, family members to get benefited from this program.

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